Our values



We focus on the good in people, nurturing positive energy.

Positivity is spread by choices, decisions and actions directly affecting those around us.



We want to ensure all our people’s voices are heard and valued.

Good communication and sharing knowledge is vital for an effective team.



We aim to attract and retain the best people in our industry.

We strive to be outstanding going beyond what is expected of us.


We strive always to gain the trust of our colleagues, clients and the market. 

We set high standards, understanding that our reputation can be damaged by one action.



We aim to nurture innovative ideas, concepts and processes.

We are inquisitive and receptive to fresh thinking and new perspectives.



We should all think and act like owners, embracing responsibility.

Leadership demands courage, vision and integrity.


The C J Coleman story


Chris Coleman came into the Lloyd’s market in 1950 on a salary of £125 per annum.  At the age of just 26, he had become the youngest Director at Lloyd’s broker, Bevington Vaizey & Foster where the experience of running the North American section, involving sixty staff and doubling the income, was invaluable.  Fast forward to 1973, significant changes, including the sale of BVF and the birth of his 4th son, prompted CJ to start his own business.

C J Coleman & Company was established in September 1973 with a simple objective.  The Company must operate to the highest standards possible.  It is a philosophy that is at the core of everything we do today.

Chris was not just a business associate, but one of the finest men I have ever known.
Together we were able to put together a very successful partnership.

It was around the fall of 1962 that we first met.
Here we are 55 years later and still on the right side of the grass!
— Joe Morahan Jr.
CJ & JM photo.jpg

Chris Coleman and Joe Morahan Jr of Shand Morahan, inside the 1958 Lloyd’s Building, 1973

A modern heritage


44 years on, it is still all about putting our clients at the centre of everything we do.  Our commitment is that we take our business seriously but not ourselves.  We respect our heritage but we are not stuck in the past.  We always look for ways of doing things better, more efficiently, harnessing technology, but never losing the human touch.  We are an independent broker and proud of it; it gives us total control and flexibility to make the right decisions.  Having staff and clients that have been with us for over 25 years is a testament to the way we work. 

Become a part of the CJC story.