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Claims.  It’s what we all buy insurance for.  It’s not a question of leaving it to luck, you want to take it for granted that any claim will be dealt with professionally and efficiently by our team which is headed by Graham Nash.  Graham has been a claims professional in the London Market for more than 44 years, 37 with CJC alone, and his unambiguous aim is to remove any stress from the process to give you peace of mind.  You are in good hands.

I take the parties willingness to open direct negotiations as a very positive step. I believe that we would likely not be in this position but for your efforts and I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your very good help, skill and interest in helping our client.
— U.S. Broker

Case Study 1

An insured auditor firm received notice of legal action arising from alleged inadequate advice in connection with a tax filing for a client.  Timing was crucial as, if it were determined that there had been inadequate advice, the claim (a tax penalty) would have to be paid swiftly before interest and other costs were incurred.  We liaised with Insurers and within 24 hours, legal assistance was provided to the Insured.

It was subsequently determined that liability did exist and the claim should be paid urgently.  The appropriate documentation for collection of the claim from Insurers was prepared by us and payment of the claim made within the applicable deadline avoiding an escalation of the cost of the claim.

Case Study 2

Notification of a potential professional indemnity claim was received from an Insured setting out details of a situation that could give rise to a claim against the firm.  We immediately provided notice to Insurers who, after a period of deliberation, rejected the notice for being in breach of a condition precedent regarding timelines of reporting.

Having conducted a detailed review, we disagreed with the Insurer’s position believing they had overlooked key information.  After presenting our arguments, Insurers relented and accepted the notification.  Some months later the situation developed into a litigation action against the Insured and the substantial legal costs were covered by the Insurer.


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